Polymer Laboratories Ltd

I worked for Polymer Laboratories in Loughborough from around 1988 to 1995. Initially as a computer programmer and latterly as software manager in charge of the department.

PL was bought out by Rheometrics Scientific, and I continued working for them for a while before leaving to work at Consort Securities Systems Ltd.

The Instrument Division of Polymer Laboratories Ltd. developed and manufactured scientific instruments. I joined as a computer programmer working in a small team, and took over as software manager when the previous manager left the company. I remained for a few years after the company was sold to American company Rheometric Scientific helping to integrate the two companies software packages. As well as being involved in development of the company's software products, written in QuickBasic, C and C++, I was also involved in the design and testing of new instruments, and the evaluation and integration of third party devices into the systems. A group of former directors and staff at this company formed Triton Technology Ltd. In 1997 and I joined as their first employee in 2002.