Dance Caller

I work as a dance caller for ceilidhs and barn dances, so if you are organising an event, whether it be a party to celebrate a birthday or wedding, a pta, church or village dance, a festival or corporate event, please do get in touch. I have recently moved from Nottingham to Somerset, so I mainly work in the East Midlands and the South West, but am available to travel anywhere in the country.

I generally like to keep dances simple and fun, with a mixture of traditional dances and some I have composed myself, so that people of all abilities can enjoy dancing together. As well as English Ceilidh and barn dance classics, I also enjoy Scottish style dances, so can provide a Scottish themed dance too if required.

Phil calling for a barn dance with Bellows, Scratchitt and Pluckitt.

As well as calling dances I have also been playing percussion for many years with The Bang On The Wall Band. I am also very much involved in Morris dancing, and can provide more formal workshops and instruction at various levels. Please get in touch for more details.