Phil Preen

Phil Preen

The Acme Dance Company

The Acme Dance Company existed for a couple of years around about 1996. It consisted of Edward Reeve on melodeon, Rose Gorringe as caller, Martin Wildig on Fiddle, and me on percussion.

Martin and I met Rose and Edward through The folk club run by John MacDonald at The King William IV pub in Thurcaston. Edward was at the time a musician with Anstey Morris & Anstey Royale Chalfont, and Rose danced with Chalfont too..

The band did quite a few gigs, some of which came through my contacts in The sealed Knot. Rose and Edward were living together as a couple, and the band fell apart when they went their separate ways. Shortly afterwards Martin and I formed The Bang On The Wall Band.

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of The Acme Dance Company. The above is an early picture of The Bang On The Wall Band.