Phil Preen

Phil Preen


The first morris dancing side I joined was The Hinckley Plough Bullockers. At the time, I was still a member of The Sealed Knot Society, and didn't think I would have time to join a full time side. The Bullockers appealed as there were just 6 practices a year, and just one dance-out which is in the winter.

I was also attending lots of different folk clubs at that time, and when the club that I used to go to on a Tuesday finished, I started going along to Anstey Royale Chalfont as a musician.

Eventually I joined Anstey Morris as a dancer, and was bagman (secretary and treasurer) for a number of years.

When Chalfont were short of members for a time, they taught me a few dances so that I could help boost the numbers. This gave me the bug for Northwest style morris, and I then joined Sergeant Musgraves Dance where I am now foreman (dance teacher).