Phil Preen

Phil Preen

Anstey Royale Chalfont

Anstey Royale Chalfont are a womens Northwest morris side. I joined Chalfont as a musician in around about 1996. Martin had already been playing with them for a couple of years before I joined.

The first Northwest morris dance I acdtually learned to dance myself was Poulton-le-Fylde which was taught to Anstey Royale Chalfont by Sergeant Musgraves Dance. At the time I was a musician with Chalfont. Later when Chalfont were short of numbers they taught me some of their dances, but I only danced out occasionally because they didn't really want men in the side. So in around about 2003 I left Chalfont and joined Musgraves.

In 1999 or 2000 I wrote a dance called High Sharpley which I taught to Anstey Royale Chalfont. Chalfont only danced it out a few times, but I also took the dance to Musgraves when I left and the dance seems to suit Musgraves style better, and is now one of the dances we perform regularly.

Unfortunately I don't have a good photo of me with Chalfont. If anyone has anything I could use on the website, either of me playing in the chalfont band, or better me actually dancing with them, I would be most grateful.